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Web Design and Development

Web and design encompass a number of disciplines and skills in the creation and maintenance of online websites. The various areas of web and design include website design; website development; web-based applications; ecommerce development; search engine marketing; web content management; multimedia; multimedia design and production; video production; social media management; user interaction design and development; and web development, as well as ecommerce management and design.

web and design

Web design can be divided into three broad areas: user experience design, user interfaces, and web-based application development. User experience is the overall approach of how a user interacts with the site; user interfaces are the methods and tools used to make the interactions easy and effective for users, such as menus and buttons; and web-based application development refers to the actual implementation of the web application. Web and design professionals work to create the content on a site and provide navigation for users. All three areas of web development are often combined and extended to develop a complete website, or a website with several applications.

Web-based application development involves developing user-interfaces, which allow a website to display information, files, and documents on a computer screen. This includes Java-script technology, HTML-format websites, Flash-based applications, and other interactive formats such as XML and JavaScript. User interfaces usually involve the use of programs such as Adobe’s Front Page, as well as Flash-related tools such as Shockwave Player.

Web content is the actual content on a site that is created, written, formatted, and maintained. Content can be either textual, images, graphics, video, and audio, but most people think of web content in the first three areas. Web content is usually organized into pages, which can include headers and footers, as well as meta tags and internal links. Most web content is stored in files, but web directories provide a search engine-friendly content.

Web applications, such as ecommerce software, are software programs designed to automate the operation of a website. There are web-based software tools such as website hosting, shopping cart systems, and web applications, which enable a web site to function in a more efficient manner, for consumers and sellers alike. Web applications include payment processing systems, order management systems, order submission, and other features commonly found on retail websites. Web applications also include search engine marketing systems, which enable consumers to search information and view listings through a browser or search engine.

Web development encompasses the entire process of creating and maintaining a website, from creation to maintenance. It includes many activities, such as writing content, designing it, building graphics, testing it, designing it, and finally, making it available for the public. The final step of the process, which is maintenance, involves the continuing support and maintenance of the site.

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