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Understanding the Process Behind Web Design

Design web site development can encompass a number of different disciplines and skills in the creation and maintenance of online websites. The different fields of website design encompass such disciplines as web development; web graphics design; user interface design; authoring; including proprietary and standardised software; search engine optimisation; and interactive web site development.

Website development comprises the process of creating a website that is visually appealing and easy to use. Web development is generally the process of creating a site by incorporating images, video, audio, text, and interactivity into the site’s pages. This is done either via the use of flash software or a programming language such as PHP or ASP.

Web graphics design comprises the art of arranging content within a website into a visual format. This involves such elements as fonts, colours, borders, images, videos, text boxes, links, and so forth.

Web authoring is a process of creating a website from scratch, which means the creation of an entire website from scratch – with no pre-existing contents. It is a complex process requiring a large number of different programming languages, in addition to HTML or some other sort of markup language such as CSS or XHTML. The content itself is typically stored in files such as HTML files, but some systems also store other files such as images.

User interface designing is another part of the web development process. This process involves creating the user interface, which is what makes a website user friendly. User Interface Design can involve creating the website’s menu, menus, and various other elements on the website. The goal of user interface design is to create a website that makes navigating it easier for users and to make the pages of the website more user-friendly and visually attractive.

Search engine optimisation is the process of making a website more visible to search engines through the use of keywords. The search engine optimization process uses the use of keyword rich keywords to get a website for higher search engine rankings. Search engine optimisation is a difficult and time consuming process and is the subject of a whole different series of articles. You can find more detailed information about search engine optimisation in one of my other articles.

Interactive web site development involves the creation of a website that incorporates interactive features that allow visitors to interact with it and interact with other website users. This could include things like a chat room, blogs, and forums.

Many of these website design companies have websites that you can browse. There are many professional website design companies that offer a wide variety of services for those interested in website design.

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