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Messenger Bot – What You Should Know Before You Download it

Facebook Messenger Bots for Business has become incredibly popular. You can use the Bot for business purposes to communicate with customers, colleagues, and anyone else you want to connect with. It is so popular that businesses are asking Facebook for permission to integrate the bot into their business accounts. If you are wondering why now, there are a few things to consider.

Many of the users now spend more time on their personal accounts versus their business accounts. With that being said, the number of businesses looking for ways to connect and keep in communication is also increasing. People are using their mobile devices to access the web and they want a way to still do so while they are on the go. With that being said, the need for fast and easy communication has become more important than ever.

With that being said, many people ask if the Bot is secure. The answer is yes. The Facebook Messenger Bot has one of the most secure interfaces of any application or program on Facebook. The one big feature it has that no other system can compete with is the ability to make bot profiles. Profiles give you the ability to customize the Facebook Bot so that you can make it look and act just like you want it to.

Another question often asked is, will I lose my account privileges if I remove the Bot? This is not an issue. Once you’ve installed the Bot and are using it in your business account, there is no way for your account to be banned. If anything, it will slow down your entire bot system.

What if I accidentally deleted the Bot? It is very simple to restore the Bot back to its status on your Facebook homepage. Simply go to settings and then add the Bot again. You will then be able to chat with others and continue as normal.

Are there any other uses of the Messenger Bot? Apart from chatting and getting your Bot ready for use, the biggest use of the Messenger Bot is actually the advertising it will do for your business. Right now, many businesses have seen a huge boost in their productivity after installing the Bot onto their Facebook pages. Not only does it help create new interest in your company but it also works to get you more customers through Facebook’s marketing programs.

Will the advertising programs of Messenger Bot work on my social networking pages? Yes, it will. Every social network offers the ability for you to run your own advertisements. In the case of Messenger Bot, this includes Facebook’s own walls and their ability to post to your wall as well.

Is the messenger bot a scam? No. It does help you get more customers and it is a great tool for businesses to promote themselves.

Does the messenger have to be connected to Facebook or MySpace? No. In fact, many people are doing business with the messenger because it is one of those services that is not difficult to use once you are connected to these two popular networking sites. You will just need to have an account on one of them to be able to access the messenger.

Will the messenger Bot replace the need for an actual human personal assistant? No. As one of the advantages of the Bot is that you can set it up so that it automatically begins conversing to you. This means that it will pick up on some of the commands you make and will begin to type as you reply. So it will never say no when you ask for help or need assistance with something that you are doing yourself.

What are some disadvantages? The biggest disadvantage is that it is not always available when you want it to be. Since it is designed to automatically type out a message, it may have trouble performing when you are not in front of the computer. This can be frustrating if you need the ability to contact someone but do not want to disturb them.

Can I use the chat bot for free? Yes, but like any other program that can be downloaded, you will have to pay for the ability to chat with other people. A one time fee is required to download the bot so that you can use it to chat with others. The program is available free of charge and works well with most browsers.

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