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Designing a website that attracts attention is not an easy task. The whole objective of the designing process is to get the right kind of traffic to the website. If the traffic is not targeted, the chances of the website generating profit or sales are very low. Eye catching website designs with a focus on the focal point, images, and colors are one way to draw the eye of the customer and help in increasing the number of sales.

Eye grabbing design layouts have very high priority when it comes to attracting public attention. While developing the layout, the designer should pay special attention to the three components i.e., content, design and usability. Content is everything which is on the site. Designers should pay proper attention to the content of the website as visitors decide their mind about the website goals by looking at the layout of the website.

Eye catchy and visually tensioned layouts can increase visitor traffic. Eye catchy layouts increase visual tension and draw the attention of the viewer. Visual tension and visual appeal play a very important role in creating hype and interest. Eye catchy layouts should be dynamic and should offer multiple options to the customers. When the visitors have multiple options in a layout, they spend more time deciding about the best option and are not cluttered with options.

Another useful trick for increasing visual force is to use shadow effects. Designers can use two types of shadow effects i.e., a blend shadow effect and a pinpointed shadow effect. A blend shadow is when the background of the page is blended with the text or other graphics. A pinpointed shadow effect is when the page’s background is literally cut out.

The best type of website layouts which use shadow effects effectively is the split-screen layout. Split screen layout increases the chances of people staying on a particular page. If the visitor stays for more than 5 seconds on any one page, then he will be tempted to leave the site. Most split screen layouts are split in two parts with the top half consisting of content while the bottom half contains links and a menu. Another advantage of the split screen layout is that it helps in improving readability of the website.

Website owners need to pay attention to all these factors. A good layout will help in increasing visitor traffic, increasing sales and at the same time, help you make money. Nowadays there are several website layout providers available online to help you out with your website layout needs.